Thursday, January 26, 2006

SCENTED MEMORY #1: Alyson and LouLou

Scented Memory #1 is dedicated to Alyson and Loulou.

Who is Alyson?

Aly is the woman who channeled Coco Chanel at age 14. Aly is the woman who wore hats from every era and turned heads wherever she went. Aly is the woman who wore a Victoria's Secret gold brocade and black velvet dressing gown to my high school graduation. Aly is the woman who deserved her own scent, my first creation. Aly is the woman with three moms and yet not one role model, excpet maybe Loulou. Yes, you guessed it - Cacharel's Loulou. And everytime I smell the bewitching oriental in the blue and burgundy bottle, I am reminded of the girl in the blue velvet men's shirt and floppy hat who with a huge smile when asked "What are you wearing?" replied, "Oh just something from Paris."

Alyson du la Monde - this is dedicated to you. Thank you for filling my teenage years with the scents of sirens past.

Is there a scented memory associated with one of your favorite friends?

photo of Louise Brooks, the original Lulu ca. 1929 from


katiedid said...

Looks nice, Marlen - good luck with this blog! :) I added you onto my blogroll, of course.

The first scent memory I can think of that's worthwhile sharing has to do with a friend of mine from way back in high school. Everything she wore somehow turned into food on her. She'd loved this simple patchouli oil, but I swear after an hour she'd smell like the kitchen of an Indian restaraunt. She'd wear vanilla, and smell like chocolate chip cookies (okay, this one I can understand.) She picked a resinous Dragon's Blood and she somehow ended up smelling like chili burgers. I gave her some nameless perfume oil I had that was heavily pine, and that turned into pickles. I swear she tried everything, and all of it equaled food. In desperation, she even tried a bottle of something or another of her step-mom's (probably an EL of some sort), and I remember us both concluding she smelled like those Lick 'Ems candy (remember those? I think that's the name... They came in these envelopes that had these white candy sticks. You'd dip the candy stick into this flavored, colored powder that was basically Pixie Sticks. But in an envelope.) I haven't seen her in years, but I swear I still can instantly recall that weird patch/Indian kitchen smell.

Prince Barry said...

Great blog Marls!

My scent memory is quite a sad one with a happy ending.

My mother died when I was 2 years old. On her dresser, my father left the bottles and various other things. One bottle was just an empty perfume atomiser with a rubber bulb. I never knew what that scent residue was that I could smell in that bottle. Years later, I sniffed Shalimar and I just knew that this was the scent that my mother used.

zsm said...

I have a perfume memory, too. This one's dedicated to an old friend Loree Pettis, the wife of a power salesman who worked for the Stanley Tool Company for years. The scent was Thierry Mugler's Angel.

Back when I lived in Valparaiso, Indiana, Angel was her perfume of choice, succeeding her previous favorites Poison and Opium. I remembered her by that unmistakable chocolatey scent, and I remember going to her house and seeing that star-shaped bottle on her dresser. It was part of her life, part of her loving, tender personality, and part of our bond.

All good things must come to an end, though: Loree has since moved to Nashville, and I've since moved to Fort Wayne, but I still keep in touch with her and she's still wearing Angel. Some things never change.

Loree, I dedicate this to you. Here's to more angelic, delicately perfumed years.

Sandrae said...

Marlen, my friend and I spent a couple of days during xmas break taking each other out on 'smelling' tours to find our perfect scent. I, a very picky fragrance girl (not too floral, not too heavy, not too sweet, a wee bit spicy, fresh but not fruity, etc...) found my fragrance. And despite the 'cheese' factor being that I have lived in Japan for 8 years, the winner turned out to be ZEN by guy friend, whose land of expertise is the Middle East, never actually having visited the Far East, was my smell judge. He agrees and totally loves it. Check it out!!

kimba said...

ohh la la!

It was my first ever purfume purchase.

Alas, at that time I didn't have the same wonderful wardrobe as your friend...

It didn't smell as good when combined with purple tights, crochet tops and doc boots!

Victoria said...

Nice review. I just discovered this scent last year. Scrambling to find the "freshest" of the discontinued bottles. I like it very much. I would have loved the parfum.
Victoria O

marlen said...

Thanks for your comments everyone! More scented memories to come! Keep on sharing!