Saturday, January 28, 2006

REVIEW: Eleuria by Strange Invisible Perfumes

Note: Formerly named Con Brio

Notes: Frankincense, Musk Rose, Iris, African jasmine, and Vanilla

Pros: Lives up to the company name, immediately strange with a smoldering frankincense note. Completely unique, and moody. Though a floral, there is nothing remotely pretty about it, read: this is not the scent of a spring garden. Definitely erotic. A scent that might be used for seduction.

Cons: Not for the faint of heart with an opening effect quite similar to a highway rest stop, toilet cake and all. Using all natural perfume oils, this one takes some time to unfold and relax. In one word, raw.

Bottleworthy? I can barely afford the sample let alone purchase a bottle. As this is something I would only wear on rare occasions, I'll pass.

Where can I buy it? $185 for 1/4 oz. Barneys, New York; $15 + s&h for a sample vial from; Website:

The Bottom Line: Perfect for frankincense lovers, and don't let those floral notes fool you! A rich, almost smoky fragrance that is truly odd. Yes it has an animalic edge, but at the same time, I feel strangely drawn to it...that said, I can also find reasons to dislike it. One of the most unusual scents I've ever tried.

(out of 10): 6.5

Is there a scent that you have a love/hate relationship with?


marchlion said...

Weeeell, there is Jicky parfum. Which I love more than any other, but it's a difficult relationship, those great loves are like that. Sometimes Jicky doesn't love me back and it gets that note that people refer to delicately on as "vomit." But I'm such a fool for Jicky that even then I can't honestly say I hate it.

Keeg said...

Actually, I am not a person who simply love or hate fragrances. If it is a scent I hated a week ago, I usually find the better sides of it on the next wear.
However, there is one scent this has never occured with: Kouros..Hate everything about it:P

Very nice page, btw;)

marlen said...

Marchlion - I still can't make my mind up about Jicky. have tried EDT, PDT and Parfum, and have a bottle of EDT waiting for me in Florida...the verdict is still out - I guess it's a perfect love/hate relationship! Thanks for reading and posting!

marlen said...

Keeg - I'm with you in that there are very few things I hate, but defintiely a bunch that I love one day and not so much the next. Kouros is one that I too just truly cannot find anything redeeming about. Thanks for reading and posting!

marchlion said...

Re: Jicky: I read somewhere once that the PDT is supposed to be the "preferred" version, most similar to what the original was like. But I know on this particular Guerlain many people actually prefer the EDT, which has that citrusy buzz and is a lot less animalic, but to me it's almost an entirely different frag. The other Guerlain EDTs are pretty harsh, IMO, and the EDPs worth the $. I went straight to Jicky parfum after buying EDT then EDP then parfum of Mitsouko, working my nerve up!

marlen said...

March - yeah, I prefer the PDT's or just the P's with the d's and t's. Trying to get into p's now and leaving behind the e's. Have the P of a couple Chanels and COWABUNGA!

shifts said...

How big are those fifteen dollar samples really? It sure sounds like something I have to try, but at that price it better be awesome.

marlen said...

Shifts - the samples are like 1ml vials...maybe 2...not exactly sure...Thanks for reading and posting! I'm glad you're here!

marchlion said...

ABC, PDT, EIEIO! Sing along there, Marlen! (too much time with toddlers, IMHO, LOL, RIP)

Anya said...

The love/hate, allure/repel trend seems fashionable today. Think Tuberuse Criminalle, for one.

Often what initially repels us draws us in when the full facets are revealed. I'm talking about people and perfume, take your pick.