Thursday, January 26, 2006

REVIEW: Des Filles de la Vanille, Argenteé

Notes: Candied Orange, Vanilla, Light Musk

Pros: Delicious gourmand, easy to wear, whimsical.

Cons: A little too subtle and longevity could be better considering the price.

Bottleworthy? Ummm, I'll stick with Antica Farmacista Vaniglia & Mandarino Di Sicilia... a little bolder, creamier and longer-lasting.

Where can I buy it? 100ml edt spray, $75

The Bottom Line: Who likes creamsicles? I do...and I like Argentee.

Rating (out of 10): 6

What's your favorite Creamsicle scent?


NowSmellThis said...

Quite agree that the AF is a better scent, M! And welcome to the blogsphere :-)

lilyofbp said...

Hi Marlen,
Congratulations on the blog; it looks terrific! My favorite creamsicle scent is Anne Pliska; someone else I know calls it "orange creamsicle crack," because she finds it so addictive. I am not QUITE so taken, but I do enjoy it.
Best wishes,

marlen said...

Thanks, Robyn, Judith...I have a sample of Anne Pliska somewhere, will have to go anc check it out!