Thursday, May 25, 2006

REVIEW: Le Labo Vetiver 46 (2006)

Notes: Vetiver, olabinum, cedre, labdanum, amber, bergamot, vanilla, black pepper, gaiac wood and clove.

Pros: A scent with the "wow" factor - sprayed it on this morning having never smelled it before and actually exclaimed "wow"...

Cons: Really none...other than the limited distribution and price tag.

Reminds me of: The vetiver has a sweetness to it (perhaps because of the clove and vanilla) that reminds me of CSP Vetyver Haiti.

Development: This one didn't really unfold or develop much.

Longevity: Very good - about 6 hrs.

Sillage: Perfect - enough so that I was offered a compliment, but not so much that it was overwhelming.

Where can I buy it? .5 oz $45; 1.7 oz $115; 3.7 $180 at

Bottleworthy? A must-try for vetiver lovers!

The Bottom Line: Well, Vetiver 46 isn't going to win any awards for originality, but it definitely gets my award for most wearable vetiver fragrance. Though I'm not really a die-hard fan of the grassy vetivers (Guerlain), the dark earthy vetivers (Villoresi), or the lighthearted takes on vetiver (ElizabethW), Le Labo's Vetiver 46 offers a well-rounded composition in which the supporting players are just as interesting, and the vetiver, though ever-present is surprisingly enjoyable. Overall, an easy-to-wear oriental with just enough of the sweet and woody to keep the composition interesting. I'm looking forward to wearing this one again. Well done!

Rating (out of 10): 9 (and that's coming from someone who isn't a vetiver lover).

What's your favorite take on vetiver?
*Bottle in image is Bergamote 22

Stay tuned for a review of Montale's Vetiver des Sables next Thursday!


Sali said...

This is a very nice vetiver, I agree, and I'm not a vetiver wearer on the whole. I'm a huge fan of their Jasmin 17 but I would consider wearing their Vetiver as well as their Labdanum and Fleur d'Oranger.

marchlion said...

Marlen, this is such a funny one. I don't like vetiver in general (rather, it doesn't like me) which is too bad considering how many fragrances feature it. We used this one in our blind fragrance test awhile ago. Marina and I just LOVED it. To me it is funky and spicy. Patty thought it was one of the worst things she'd ever smelled.

Sali said...

I have to post my favorite vetiver fragrance of the moment: Cartier Declaration Essence. I like the original Declaration, too, but the Essence which I just discovered is easier to wear and it just rocks. I wish the two could switch bottles. I haven't seen the actual blue Essence bottle but the clear is so much more appealing to me. I may need both now.

Prince Barry said...

This is the only vetiver fragrance that I can wear. It really is a lovely rendition. Most other vetiver scents either make me sneeze or totally block up my nose. The worst culprit is Guerlain's.

I have samples of every scent Le Labo, and I can honestly say that they are all wonderful.

freskagirl said...

Yay! I sampled this for the first time yesterday and my first reaction was "Wow!" too. My first Wow in awhile. Immediate love, and I think it might even topple my current favorite vetiver, LV's. I get quite a lot of churchy incense from the Le Labo, plus a dark earthyness...and then that sweetish drydown. Wonderful!

I'm testing CdG Vettiveru today, which doesn't hold a candle. It reminds me a bit of Guerlain's Vetiver--more fresh and slightly soapy. Not my thang.

colombina said...

Oooh, a vetiver review! And this happens to be one of my favorite vetivers too! I agree that this is a Wow Scent :-) The other vetivers I love are Djedi, Vetiver Bourbon and Guerlain's Vetiver.

sybil said...

I'm a real novice, but so far, I haven't tried a vetiver-based scent that I didn't at least like. So far, my favorite (and the one I've gotten the most compliments on) is SL Vetiver Oriental. I'm waiting on a bottle of Guerlain Vetiver, based on Columbina's review, and it looks like I'll be waiting on a sample of Le Labo Vetiver 46 next...Thank you!

Jenny said...

I think I would love this fragrance, I like vetiver in all his ways in his soft way but in his leathery way as well.

moon_fish said...

Oh, man!
That`s a good vetiver, but...

I believe that Vetiver 46 is Gucci pour homme with some vetiver added. Look onto the notes: almost the same accords