Wednesday, March 29, 2006

REVIEW: Clinique Happy Heart

Tested by: This one I smelled on my friend, Carmen. Haven't tested it myself, yet.

Notes: Crisp mountain air accord, Mandarin, Cucumber, Yellow Primrose, Wild carrot flower, Water Hyacinth, Blond woods.

Pros: Beauitful fruity floral that has a light, airy, green quality to it.

Cons: Thought the composition is not entirely an original concept, wouldn't it have been nice if Clinique had launched this as an entirely new scent? ...I had totally dismissed it initially as just another Happy variation.

Reminds me of: Aire de Loewe; Body Shop Spirit of Moonflower; Ralph Cool; one of the 268 seasonal Escadas...

Development: N/A

Longevity: I could still smell this on Carmen at the end of the school day - 6 hours after I first became aware of it. I'm pretty sure she hadn't re-applied.

Sillage: Not sure how many sprays Carmen used, but it smelled awesome on her without being overwhelming.

Where can I buy it? $26.95 for a 1.7 oz unboxed tester at

Bottleworthy? This is something I'd love to receive in a Gift With Purchase, but don't think I'd actually buy for myself...though I WOULD buy it as a gift for someone else...

The Bottom Line:Everything by Clinique has so far smelled "nice", but I was really taken with Happy Heart, evoking memories of a thousand other scents long forgotten and relegated to the hallowed shelves of Ross Dress for Less, yet somehow better. With a fresh green cucumber note balanced with a soft floral bouquet and light woods, this, to me, is Spring in a bottle.

Rating (out of 10): 7

What recent scents took you by surprise after sniffing them on someone else?


castorpollux said...

I am not really a fan of Happy heart but i love LOVE Happy holiday! have you tried it yet? if so, what do you think?

Flora said...

Well, I tried the original Happy when it first came out, which smelled like cheap orange spray cleaner on me - blecchh! Then a short time later a woman I worked with was wearing a marvelous perfume and I asked her what it was - it was Happy, of course. The difference? She had dark olive, slightly oily skin and I am a transparent whitey. Skin chemistry can make such a difference! I truly did not recognize it on her.

marlen said...

cp - I haven't tried Happy Holiday, but Happy To Be sounds wonderful - sesame notes!

marlen said...

flora - I find both Happy and Pleasures to be bizarre scents that mysteriously reflect the wearer, so wildly different smelling at times on different skin...

marchlion said...

Marlen -- I frequently take my daughter along with me on my perfume jaunts, as my partner in crime and for the extra skin she provides! The problem with that is, unfortunately, things often smell not just different on her but much, much better. (sigh)
Have a safe trip home! I can see you right now, rolling around on the floor in a frenzy, surrounded by dozens (hundreds?) of bottles of new juice... heh heh