Wednesday, March 29, 2006


233 Elizabeth Street Between Houston and Prince

11am-7pm, Appointment only on Mon

What is it? A new parfumerie in downtown New York created by two ex-execs from L'Oreal. Finishing touches on fragrances like mixture with alcohol is done on the spot in front of you. Products are imported from Grasse and the "idea" behind the line is "spend less on marketing and more on quality of ingredients."

Why should I buy it? them...there are 3 men's scents, 3 women's scents, 3 unisex scents, and 1 children's scent...and include fragrances built around Rose, Bergamotte, Patchouli, Orange Blossom to name a few...

Where can I buy them? 45.00 for 15ml; 115.00 50ml; 180.00 100ml only at the Nolita shop.

NOTE: I haven't tried these yet, only heard great things about them, especially the Iris and the Rose (for men, an animalic cumin-tinged floral...kingdom anyone?).

HAVE YOU TRIED THESE YET? Tell us about them!


Christina H. said...

Yes!I bought the Jasmine and I truly enjoy it!Fresh,crisp and floral.Nothing too over the top and I think I'll be wearing this quite a bit during the next several months.I've tried the Iris which is really lovely and reminds me a little bit of SL Iris Silver Mist but stronger to my nose and the Ciste18.Marina perfectly described the Ciste as a mix of Cuir Beluga and Musc Ravageur and I completely agree.Not very animalic like MKK.I'm left wanting to sample more!

marlen said...

christina - thanks for the feedback, they sound wonderful, will have to make it a must try when next in NYC!

andy said...

Dear Marlen
Colombine had a post recently about the Ciste 18 by le Labo
here is the link

musclegod007 said...

Rose 31 is a total surprise, not at all like Kingdom(thank god), it's a woody, dusky, dry composition, that harmonises the rose into the composition, Very Manly.
The patchouli is also a must have, buy the small bottle, this scent shocks, and kills everything in it's path, very little is needed. the patchouli is not detectable.

Justin said...

"The patchouli is also a must have, buy the small bottle, this scent shocks, and kills everything in it's path" - Hmm, competition for Kouros and Bois du Portugal? Sounds interesting

lilyofbp said...

I love them! The store is fascinating, the owners are terrific, the scents are great! I love Ciste (indescribable, animalic), Patchouli (more leather than Patch on me) and Iris (speaks for itself; I got compliments today wearing it)! I also liked Jasmine. Somehow missed trying Rose, and now I;m fretting about that. They also have an interesting (but expensive) kit full of many raw materials simply numbered (*but with a cheat sheet) to train your nose. A great experience! Go there..... Judith

marlen said...

Thanks for all the feedback about Le Labo - I'll have to check it out at the next Sniffapalooza!