Thursday, March 23, 2006

ASK MARLEN: Summer Opiates

Have you by chance tried Opium Summer for men? The reason I ask is that I finally got around to going to order Live Jazz and saw this on the retailer's website ( Its not listed in the directory here and I cant find much information about it anywhere, but before I just tack it on my order I was hoping to be able to find out something about it.
Thanks ,
Dear r17,

I haven't tried Opium Eau d'Oriente yet, as it's not out here in Japan. Robin gave it a nice intro at NowSmellThis and there has been some discussion about it at Basenotes. I hope to try it when at the airport next week or when I'm finally home! This ios the first summer variation on Opium for Men I believe, so I'm quite curious about it. I tried the last two Opium for women variations and found them vastly more wearable, though still not my bag o'poppies...Opium is my Step-mother's scent and always will be!



Justin said...

I will look forward to reading what you think about Opium Eau d'Orient pour Homme. Ive been checking my local area to find a store that carries it, but alas, no luck. Hopefully I will be able to find it--and Rive Gauche--to test while Im in Dallas later this week.

Anonymous said...

Hello , i woulsd o9ve to know what you think of Serge Lutens?

marlen said...

anonymous - I'll be happy to oblige ...I simply love Serge Lutens creations. Love'em, love'em, love'em...often heavy, sweet and dark, just how I like'em. Stay tuned for some reviews of Lutens scents!