Wednesday, March 22, 2006

ASK MARLEN: Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

Hi ,

I have a very specific question for you - it did happen to me that I purchase the same scent over and over and suddently a tiny thing in that scent have change too much of something or not enough - something has changed and the whole scent is not worth it anymore. And then another "batch" will be fine.

Did this happen to you and what could be the reason ???

Thank you,
LBonjour L!

This has only happened to me on a few occasions. Calvin Klein Eternity and Benetton Colors for Men seem to have changed from the way I remember them in the early 90's. I still enjoy the aromas, but something is definitely different.

Creed fragrances seem to vary, sometimes, wildly. I bought my bottle of Green Valley based on a sample I had and was very suprised to find that my actual bottle had smelled nothing like the sample (thank goodness it was even better).

So in answer to your question, yes, I have experienced this, and here's my explanation:
1) Changes in chemicals and oils used - due to prices and availability, I believe some scents have been changed to meet the demands of the rising cost of materials. A family friend used to bemoan the change of Halston, having loved it in the 70's and then feeling disappointed in the 90's;
2) Storage and packaging - heat and light affect scent, so how a scent is actually stored by a retailer can have a pretty big impact on aroma;
3) Age - the older it gets, the more fractured the topnotes become as the oils break down over time;
4) Toxicity - as some materials have been deemed toxic to humans, they have been replaced and so current compositions are not necessarily the same as the originals.
It's sad really when you re-discover a forgotten classic only to find that it really doesn't resemble the scented memory that lives on in your mind.

Thanks for the question - hope this helps!

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